3rd Party Payment Gateway Integration in India

Recently built my ecommerce store using wix, however not able to activate online payment. All the payment gateway/aggregators listed on wix is not taking new merchant onboarding due to regulatory issue. Hence, I need to integrate with a Payment Gateway that is not supported by wix directly.
As suggested by customer support I should use Velo for integrating the payment gateway through code.

Issue Faced:
I cannot customise my checkout page to manually integrate the 3rd party payment gateway integration through Code.
If checkout page modification is not possible then I would need to create entire store functionalities on my own through code.

Can you please suggest what should be done in such a scenario? Or is there any other way I can integrate my payment gateway with wix.

Having the same query. Let me know if you are able to get any solution

Normaly you can integrate any payment system on your Wix-Site.

II don’t know how the Checl-OutPage is structured and what kind of elements are given on this page (and if these are editable), but at least it should be possible to generate your wished function by using a custom element.

Questions you should ask yourself…

  1. What kind of date do i need/want to transfer on a payment?

  2. Which security-risks i will have to face ?

  3. Am i able to modify Check-out-page, or do i have to generte my own Check-Out-Page?

  4. Are there even more posibilities i can use?

  5. What about a HTML-Component (how secure is it) ???

  6. How i can improve security ???

  7. What about Wix-Secret ???

  8. What kind of code-part i can put onto FRONT-END???

  9. What kind of code i can put on backend???

  10. …and so on, and so on…

  11. Am i really able to get this done without a professional code?

  12. Do i want to face all consequences, if my code is not secure at the end???

You should do first a good BRAINSTORMING → before you start to code a PAYMENT-GATEWAY / PAYMENT-SYSTEM / PAYMENT.

Good luck!!!

Brother i Asked these questing to myself again and again still I need to integrate custom payment gateway as without it by website is useless. Since I am noob and you looks pro in this, can you please guide me how to do that?

Hi @thezoxoboxo , we at Certified Code are looking for beta users for our new integration with India payment provider. If you are interested, please reach out to team@certifiedcode.in . *No purchase required.

Hi, I am having the same problem. Did anyone find a solution.

So some of the few payment option available in india is ccAvenue, But I fail to find any proper documentation or example which actually help me to integrate payment gateway externally. Still figuring out how this can be achieved :pensive: