Is it possible to use "Send email to visitors" Action with WIX Data Forms?

Hi, I have a WIX form with an action setup to auto send an email to the visitors after their submission. That works great so far.

I have an older custom form created following one of the WIX articles and now hope to setup an action for it. When I select this custom form in the “Automations” setup, the action of “Send email to visitors” is missing. Is there a reason for this?

Hi @c1junk ,
Yes this is a problem we have all faced before. However, you could set up your own automation. Here is a step-to-step guide be @code-queen :

All you need is to create a email template —> then add a bit code to the page—> and it works!

Hi Arthur, thank you so much for sharing that solution. Do you recommend that moving forward, I should just use the WIX Form instead of Wix Data Form?

@c1junk , Hi
You can customise your form if you use the Wix data forms. With Wix form, you are limited with the options(limited amount of forms you can create with ascend free plan). And you can create unlimited triggered emails for free if you use Wix Data form. So I do recommend using Wix Data forms. If you are good at coding, you could also create your form using code(no datasets). If you are going to use Wix data forms, I can help you here. But if you choose to use Wix forms, you will need to contact customer care as this forum is for Wix corvid topics only.

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Hi @arthurvalatin , just want to thank you for take the time to explain and provide solutions. Really appreciate it.

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Did you make it? Did you found your solution?

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