Issue: wix sitemap is not being auto generated after page updates etc


After taking a look at my website sitemap, it is completely wrong. Additionally, I have checked a few other times and it has not been listing all the pages.

I have recently made many updates such as adding pages - I am checking that they are visible for Google in the Admin panel.

I am also wondering if this is due to a canonical error that I read about in the Forum. Maybe my header is throwing it off.

Or possibly Robots.txt issue that is not allowing ALL page to be indexed.

I have manually created a sitemap due to the problem, but there is not way currently for me to add the sitemap.xml file to the root folder to update and correct it.

Is there a Default reset for Robots.txt and Sitemap anywhere to start fresh with the latest page additions and deletions?

Thanks for your help.

Using WIX Website Editor

Need to be able to have Google fully index my website.

Can you share your sitemap URL?

The Bulk of my website’s pages are not reflected in Google Console.

Is there anyone who can shed some light as to what could have caused this issue?

Spoke with WIX SEO Support Team and while the overall issue of pages not being indexed was not determined, we were able to troubleshoot issues about why older pages were still listed in Google console, as well as Pages that were deleted but showing up in the sitemap.

For SEO go to the WIX Editor Dashboard (> Site & Mobile App> Website + SEO> scroll down and select SEO Settings>Main Pages> Edit by Page … You will be able to view all Published Pages. By using this feature, I could clearly see which pages were listed that needed to be deleted. And I learned that Deleting WIX CMS Pages off the Menu did not fully delete. Go to Website Editor for your website > Pages > Dynamic Pages (remove all associated lists, etc for data/pages no longer needed). Then PUBLISH after all changes. Ensure that any pages you do not want shown in the sitemap to be turned off. I did this through the SEO feature page. This technically cleared some glitches.

In Google Console, you can check each url for indexing. Then add each page manually to request indexing. This helps get the ball rolling, if your website seems stuck and not making search result progress.

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In Wix sitemaps you don’t see all pages directly instead you will see some static pages and rest of the dynamic pages will be shown as another sitemap just like in your sitemap.

For example all of your pages are here as sitemap:

Or your blog categories are here:

When Google BOTs (or other bots) inspect your sitemap they will also see the other sitemaps and they will index all of your pages like that. You won’t see all pages directly in the root sitemap url instead pages will be distributed into different sitemaps under the root sitemap.

And as you mentioned you can request manual index from Google Search Console. Or check if the page you want to index is indexed or not. And usually it takes some time to index pages and appear in Google SERPs.