Jumpstart your next project with ·Hover Interactions·

Hey Creators!

Recently we opened Hover Interactions* on Editor X, I wanted to share with you some quick examples of animations for Buttons and Cards.
Clone the site, copy the animated elements to your own projects, and learn how to create your own simple and complex animations.

Share below your most creative interactions!

*Hover Interactions feature is still in beta.

:point_right: Buttons
:point_right: Cards



@jonathant , just a heads up - The clone buttons do not seem to work.


You’re right. I fixed it thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jonathant Hey Jonathan, I still get a 403 error when trying to clone. Feel free to DM if you need to!

After taking some time to really look into these, I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed with the creativity used to create these.

Really enjoyed learning how each element was created. Hats off to you @jonathant :tophat:

Excited for buttons v2!


Nice!! @jonathant Will let you know if I was able to make it work…

Thought It would be a good idea to share some hover interactions that I recently created thanks to @jonathant s inspiration.

The gifs remove a lot of the quality, so if you want to interact with then directly then you can do so at https://www.capitaldesign.com.au

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Sorry, not sure how to embed a GIF.

@_toby cool! To embed a GIF just click on the photo icon when you’re going to post (bottom left), and upload the GIF. It should work

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@eduardog Thanks, I’ve now updated the post.

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Nice! Thanks for this. So basically using container elements rather than the dedicated “button” element is how you do more custom stuff.

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@jonathant how are you progressing with buttons v2? :grin:


Hey @_toby , it’s nice to hear that you’re waiting for more of these :smiling_face:
It got a little delayed, but I’m gathering some inspirations now and I’ll get to it very soon.

@jonathant Great to hear you’re working on it. Definitely keen to see more!

thaaaaanks :heart_eyes:

My applied hover interactions are not visible when site is in preview mode. They are fully functional when I press “play” in edit mode.
Why is it behaving this way and how can I be sure they will work once the site goes live?

Do have a video or a link to the published site? Hard to see why it may not be working.

Might recommend troubleshooting as it could be a local issue if it doesn’t work on preview.
Also, if you’re worried about it being live and maybe being indexed, you can always turn off indexing so you can test the hover interaction on the live site.

Hi @jonathant ,

Nice to see some of your hover creations.
I want to ask you a question which is not related to this thread.
I got this link https://jonathant99.editorx.io/mysite-17 from one of the community forum but I don’t remember now which one was that.
I think this too is your creation and I really want to know how you have created this. Have you used any code or using existing EditorX features.
How both the repeaters are moving in opposite directions.
Really appreciate if you can guide me on this.

Hey @siddhee

I used 2 Repeaters inside a Sticky Section (which can be a Container instead), and moved them with Velo code on scroll.
You can view the code here