Lazy loading of strips

Is there a way to lazy load part of the strips on the main page to improve site performance?
I mean the parts of the site will be loaded according to scrolling down of the site.

I think this will depend on why your site/page performance is down. For example, this velo coder had issues due to the dataset size and found a way to deal with that. I would isolate the problem first and then target the exact issue causing the performance problem.

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the replay.
Any chance you could take a look and give me some pointers?
my site url is :

Hey no problem! So I went to your site and clicked around the first page and a few others. Nothing is moving slow for me. What are you noticing? Could this be performance related to internet quality?

I did notice you have a couple of console errors, but again the page loaded very quickly for me and all products loaded quickly as I scrolled down the page.

Thanks Amanda, I’m happy to here that from a professional.
For some reason I get low score on google PageSpeed Insights .

Ah! Okay, yes I see that. Take a look at this article on manual page caching and see if that helps.

And also this article about site building best practices .

Let me know how it goes

Hi Amanda,
I’ve followed the guidelines in both of the pages, yet I still get the same result (a bit better now on mobile):

These numbers are pretty normal for Wix sites, fear none, your site is still fast, it’s just getting rendered in a different way the benchmarking sites are expecting, and that’s why you’re getting a bad score.

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Ok, great. It is good to know.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for weighing in @ahmadnasriya !!

I asked around my team a little more too as your site is rendering fast and was given the same information.

Hi Amanda,
I’m still concerned about the mobile site speed. This is well felt when accessing to it by phone.
The analysis tools give some of the blame to the Wix galleries, and the Facebook tracking.
Can I replace the Wix galleries with repeaters and that will help?
About the Facebook tracking, I think I’ll just drop it.

I’m not sure about galleries versus repeaters loading time without testing. What I would target next is image/gallery optimization. For example, if you are loading full/large images on the home page when you really only need a small/thumbnail size you could load small images on the home page and only the full when someone clicks into the single product.

Also with your galleries, are you loading images from multiple galleries per page or are all the homepage images in the same gallery on load? Articles for Wix galleries do recommend loading only one gallery per page .

You can also use a load more button to limit the amount of gallery items loaded at one time. Gallery optimization articles in Wix also recommend loading galleries “below the fold” if possible to increase speed.

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