Linking Product Gallery to Dynamic Page

I am new to Wix Code so I am not exactly sure which function I need here, or what is the best solution, but basically I am trying to create a dynamic “garment page” that shows all the designs available for each garment style (eg. Polo garment page will show all polo designs).

My issues are the following:

  • I can’t use the Wix Stores product listing function or Product Page, as it only allows up to 15 images, and most of our garments have many more designs than 15
  • I tried using the Thumbnail Gallery on a dynamic page, but it doesn’t show all of the thumbnails. We need to be able to see all of the designs as thumbnails, sitting next to the main (selected) image.

My thoughts for solutions:

  • I have tried adding in 2 Stores Product Galleries, but I’m not sure how to link them to each collection (garment) database, or how to link them to each other so that when you click the thumbnail in the grid gallery, it displays as the main image in the widget gallery. I have attached a screenshot of my dynamic page layout for reference.

  • If this is not possible, could the same be done just with standard galleries and not Stores Product widgets? If so, how would this need to be set up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Not sure if you ever found a solution to this, but I just learned that using a “repeater” linked to a data collection works really well and is very simple to manage and setup. Here is a simple example of it working . There’s several different posts and threads discussing this.