Linking to incorrect Lightboxes (despite links being correct)

I have several links (buttons) to lightboxes on my website to explain the services offered in more detail. They were all working fine until I created one with a video inbedded - now several of the links are linking to the video lightbox and not their own original ones - despite all links being correctly set up in the settings for each button.

Have tried recreating the buttons fresh (instead of copy paste) but to no avail.

On the link above its the Surf Camp and Nutrition Camp ‘+’ buttons which are incorrectly linking to the ‘Surf Camp Video’ Lightbox as opposed to the ‘Surf Camp’ and ‘Nutrition Camp’ lightboxes respectively.


I can see that you are referring to the Wix Editor linking and not Corvid code.

You would be better suited going through Wix Customer Care about this issue as they know best.

I’m having the exact same problem. Did you ever get this solved?

I am dealing with same thing, seems like a bug. I’ve tried everything and the links I’ve created keep bringing up the wrong lightboxes. Did anyone get a solution?

Same issue here. After duplicating a lightbox, all lightbox links are leading to one of the several lighboxes and I am unable to edit this.

If you haven’t written any code and are linking in the Wix Editor, there may be an issue with the Lightbox component. Please contact Wix Customer Care so they can investigate the issue and provide support. Thank you.