Maintaining the same repeater design across entire site, impossible?

I got a website where I have a hiking trails database. On the hiking trails search page the results are shown in a repeater and then per result I show a lot of data. Now the problem is that I also show the same list of trails on pages that showcase points of interest and I also have a picture database where for each picture it shows which trails pass the location where that picture was taken.

It has proven pretty difficult to maintain the same repeater format across all 3 different locations. Any change in format or additional data added forces me to edit the 3 locations where trails are shown for both the mobile and desktop version. Is there no way to save the way a repeater result is shown and then just refer to that design in all locations where that data is showcased?

And I have searched the forum and ‘copy-paste’ is not a solution here. Each time I copy paste the repeater I have to redo the entire mobile format and for some weird reason some items do not copy over or change their content or format completely during the process…