Major issue with uploading images

I’m building a web app that requires users to upload images from various sources: Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc. From what I can tell Wix does not have that functionality built into its upload widget (please correct me if I’m wrong).

So I have turned to Uploadcare, which has everything I need. However, Wix does not allow me to install their updated Widget via npm (I asked but was told it was not possible), so I have had to resort to embedding their older widget in an iFrame. This seemed to work fine at first, but then I started to notice all kinds of integration issues. Notably, Facebook does not work at all and Instagram does not work on mobile.

This is a make or break issue for me. I will probably need to either fine an alternative to UC or build my app in something other than Wix.

Does anyone know of an alternative to UC that works with Wix?

Or any advice on how to get UC to work correctly? I’m perfectly comfortable building web applications from scratch, so advanced suggestions are very welcome.

Update to this: I just realized the issue is with UC + social media. They have exactly the same issues I described on their official demo:

So it looks like I need an alternative to UC. Any suggestions?

What I suggest is to see if you can get the image URL from the social networks.
Once you have an image URL, you can use the Wix Media API to import the image from a URL - look at the importFile API

You’re building a web app on Wix that requires users to upload images from various sources but Wix’s upload widget does not have the functionality you need. You’ve turned to Uploadcare but Wix does not allow you to install their updated widget via npm, so you’ve embedded their older widget in an iFrame which is causing integration issues, particularly with Facebook and Instagram. You’re looking for alternatives to Uploadcare that work with Wix, or advice on how to get Uploadcare to work correctly.
One alternative you could consider is Cloudinary, which is a cloud-based image and video management platform that provides a comprehensive set of APIs for uploading, storing, manipulating, optimizing, and delivering images and videos. Cloudinary offers integrations with various platforms, including Wix, and provides a range of features and functionalities, such as automatic image optimization, AI-powered cropping and resizing, and responsive image delivery.
Another option is to build your own image upload functionality using a combination of libraries and tools such as Dropzone.js, Multer, and AWS S3. This would require some development skills, but it would give you full control over the upload process and enable you to customize the functionality to meet your specific requirements.
If you’re set on using Uploadcare, you could try contacting their support team for advice on how to resolve the integration issues you’re experiencing. They may be able to provide guidance on how to configure the widget correctly or suggest workarounds for the issues you’re encountering .