Make Wix Bookings and POS a seamless experience

That’s great news but I am still having issues with the actual pos register.

Please work on combining the booking process with the pos register because sometimes app doesn’t work properly. What’s the point in having your customers spend over $1,000 and you still have to use your phone?

I’m speaking for my business and other businesses like myself that use Wix for a booking site, Pos, and website.

Customers don’t like using their cards more than once in the same store. So when I finish with a client’s hair and they need to shop, sometimes it doesn’t allow me to go in and add extra items.
When it does allow me and if the item is on sale it doesn’t give them the sale price.
It’s a lot of money that we are paying (especially with other apps) and not necessarily getting the tools we need to work more efficiently.
If it doesn’t change soon you’ll be losing a customer of many years.

Hey @msreese29! :wave:

I’ve moved this over to its own topic to make sure this feedback isn’t lost in the announcement, and for us to take a closer.

Before I reach out to the teams, have you managed to open a ticket about this before?

Yes, I have several times. Recently, I opened a ticket about an error when taking payments in the booking app.

@msreese29 Hi! I’d like to gather more information about this. Just to confirm, you have sometimes been able to add on products to a booking service? I ask because I know the team is currently working on the Bookings POS Request for Selling Store Products and Bookings Services Together.

Yes! I was once able to do it on the booking app created by an invoice now it doesn’t allow it. Also taking payments through the booking app keeps having processing issues. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times and it will work then but goes back out after a couple of days. Have anyone else noticed this issue?