mandatory email in the contact box

how can I turn off the mandatory option of email in the contact box?
(I see the star but it gives me to change it in Name and Phone only)

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Hi Shalom:

What contact box are you referring to? Perhaps a screen shot might help or a reference to how you added the contact box you refer to (is it one of the wix contact form contact tools?).

If you are using a contact tool then you probably want to consider creating your own contact form if you want to remove email. Depending on what you are trying to do you might find this helpful:

Also why would you want to remove email? Just curious because that is probably one of the most unique pieces of contact information that you can have to identify someone (or a mobile phone number would be an alternative).


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I’m talking about the regular contact box that I added to my page
I don’t want to remove the email option but to leave it as optional and not mandatory

The way the crm system behind this form works is to use the email field as a key field so it has to be mandatory. The only way around it is to create your own contact form and data collection. Again it depends on your application and what you are trying to do.

I have the same issue. Using the form to book patients online. Only problem is I work in an underserved area and customers don’t have email accounts. Our office calls them to arrange appointment but again no email so no booking?

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Same issue here. Only field wich is mandatory in the contact box where i can add contacts manually, is the mail. Which the customers not always provide nor we are able to fill inn correct due to long and wierd emails… Of chourse getting the email would be the optimal, but in the real world it is not always possible or suitable. Having a mandatory mail is a stumbling block in easy workflow. Having to create a “workaround” is worse than just removing the “mandatory” field.

A little background for our use: We use the Wix booking app, and customers usually fill inn a contact form. So far so good. But we do have a physical shop where the appointments take place. And alot of our customers just give us a call or stop by our shop to order an appointment, instead of filling out the contacts form. Some dont even have a email. And in hectic moments with ten customers waiting in a line, it is not an option to ask the customer to spell out their email adress to me as I am using hairing aids and sometimes have trubble hearing what people say.

Setting the email to non mandatory or at least optional would help out a lot!


I think you need to consider what the point of having the contacts in the CRM is if you do not include an email address.

Is you process to contact by physical address or phone number? What data field do you intend to use to ensure that the Customer is unique?

What will you do if you get two or more people named John Smith for example?

If you want to include your contacts as members of your site for some reason then you will need to use their email as the user id.

The Wix platform will let you do anything you want but it will involve additional work and probably coding if you don’t want to use the out of the box functionality.

Thanks for the response. And good points.

Yet, I guess phone number is also quite unique, so that could be more useful for identifying unique customers. At least in Norway a new number costs money and keeping an old number is free, so hardly anyone replace their phone number.
Added together with the criteria mentioned in last post, phone number would therefor do the job for identifying uniqueness better and more seamless.

So there is a possibility within developer mode to hardcode this so that for instance “phone number” is the mandatory field instead of “email” as well identifying wether or not a contact is unique?

Concerning CRM: We are a bikeshop with a fully booked schedule from March to October. The point with our CRM is to be able to book a slot for a customer and get the most important contact info (Name and phone number). Uniqueness and a way of contact is given by phone number. And thats it. We dont have the need for sending newsletters per email, as people come to our place because we are good at fixing bikes. If we have to contact the customer it is best done by phone.


I’m having a similar issue… I want to have the email be a mandatory field, but when I click the Book Now button the form automatically populates the org’s email and the field is locked?

I also want to remove the add to cart function because right now we only offer services, and I can’t seem to figure that out either.