Maximum customization for the Wix gallery

The Wix gallery is good as it is now, but I’ve noticed it could be improved:

  • When I enable thumbnails in the gallery and have only PNG (transparent) images, a white background is added to the thumbnails, which doesn’t match the site’s color. Ideally, they should remain in their original transparent form.

  • The zoom feature in the expand mode doesn’t work well with transparent images. When I use the zoom with a PNG image, the previous image is also visible, and the zoomed image overlaps the previous one, making it look bad. I even tried adding a background to the expand mode, but it remains the same.

  • Thumbnails move a lot when I change the image, and even if I click on the final image, the first thumbnail image no longer appears. The only way to make it reappear is by refreshing the page. It would be great if they could stay static or stack downwards rather than in a slideshow format.

@rodolfoboscan911 This is all great information. Passing this onto the team! Pinpointing things like this that can sometimes get overlooked is very helpful!