Member Created Forms with Database and Member Created Inputs

Hello friends, Just wondering if anyone has come across a way to let members create their own forms that will be linked to their own database, and will allow the user to create their own questions and input types.

We are trying to create a maintenance site in which all of our daily checklist forms will be stored. Just trying to see if there’s a way to let a site member create their own form. I am relatively familiar with coding, just looking to see if anyone has attempted this before or if its even possible.

Thanks for the help!

Scott, the answer is “not really”. I’ll explain. Wix departs from the frontend: you design your form and then you hook it up to a db. So it works differently then PHP or ASP, where you “generate” a form on the backend and then push it towards the browser/client/frontend.
So you could try to simulate it: allow them 5 text boxes, 5 dropdowns, 5 checkboxes, etc, you can even let them set labels and content. But… if they want a 6 or 7-th field of the same type, no go. You would have to put the max allowed field types on a form, and .collapse() the unused ones. Also, this way you implicitly define the layout: first 5 textboxes, then 5 dropdowns. If they want to start with a dropdown and then a textbox: no go.
Hope this helps.

Okay, shoot. Do you by chance know of any external widgets, etc that could work for what I’m trying to accomplish?

Could’t it be possible by using an HTML-component?

For example creating NEW Elements like table-cells or buttons is possible, so why not also creating NEW inputfields aswell?

@russian-dima I’m often thinking about something like that, because I could, like Scott, really use it. HTML-window would not be my first choice, have experience with it, it’s becoming troublesome because browsers are nailing down iframes more and more.
A Wix element would be better (no iframes), but it’s a lot of work: rewriting good parts of $w, doing data binding, digging into html5 to produce mobile version, it’s not a project to take lightly. So to Scott, the answers is : no, I wouldn’t know of any external Widget that would solve this problem.

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@scottdillon197 Update: I remembered 123Forms, so I had a quick look-and-talk. They support posting form data to webhooks:

Looks interesting, it might solve your problem.
EDIT: you do know that there is a Wix-native 123Form app, right? I do not know if this also supports webhooks, but if it does, you don’t have to mess with html-component.

@giri-zano Does it mean, if it has webhooks, a dynamic generating of new forms by code is possible, without any need of HTML-component or custom-elements?

@Scott Dillon
I would like to see, which kind of forms are wished to be generated by the user.
Can you show an example? (screenshot)?

I asked myself, if it also would be possible somehow to solve the issue by using repeaters, but it depends of how is the wished design of the forms.