Menu icon on mobile

Hi, I added the menu icon on my mobile but it does not appear on the screen, in the header layer it appears and on the screen you do not see it, help please

Hi Alona,

The EditorX Community forum is specifically for websites created using editorX. From your screenshot it appears as though you are using the Wix editor - for further help contact the help center (available from the help dropdown)

Despite this, I will still attempt to give you some insight on the issue - its difficult to tell exactly what mobile menu you are using as we do not see your styling settings etc… - could you check that the colour of the icon does not match the colour of your header / page background? - ie a white icon on a white header will not be seen. I demonstrate the exact same behaviour in my attached screenshots:


Alternatively if the above is not the case this could also be a temporary bug with your editor which can usually be fixed by restarting your browser & cleaning cookies related to wix (you may have to log back in so make sure you have your username & password remembered!)

Thanks I tried both options did not help …
The icon does appear on other pages…

This appears to be a bug with your editor - please contact wix Support &/or restart your browser and clear cookies related to wix.

For further information & help regarding the wix editor please go to


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