Menu on homepage (mobile version)

I cannot put a menu on the homepage so the other pages cannot be navigated.On editor all other pages have a menu except for the homepage.

I’m not sure that I fully understand what is the issue you were referring. Can you please elaborate and provide us with some screenshots of it?


I know this post is a little old, but just in case anyone comes across it:

I just recently came upon this problem, too, but quickly realized that the mobile menu icon can only be displayed in the header. So, if the layout of your homepage is set to ‘no header or footer’, then this would prevent the Wix mobile editor from being able to place a menu icon on that page.

Not sure how your homepage is set up, but you can simply add an ‘Enter Site’ (or other nav buttons) button on your desktop, hide it, and then just code it to show with mobile formFactor. Make sure they link to a page that does have a header and therefore menu icon.