MindMeld: Wix Chat Widget

Join us on January 12 at 11 am PST as the Wix Chat team unveils the brand new look of the Wix Chat widget!

During this session, you will have the opportunity to speak with the Wix Chat team in real-time as they give us a sneak peek of new and exciting Wix Chat widget customization options they’ve been working on. Don’t miss out on this reveal as spots are limited!

How can I join?
You can RSVP here .

When and where will the session take place?
Over Google Hangouts. You will receive a calendar invitation prior to the event.

Questions? Comments? Share your thoughts below!


Any leaked images of the widget before the unveiling??:grin:

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Check out the gif :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really better! Hope to get the ads replaced by our logo. (after upgrade of course)

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See you at the discussion!

Hi @sheyla , I wouldn’t be at the event but I have a request that several customers are waiting for: it’s an automated Chat response. In fact, would it be possible to associate in a futur “keywords” when the chat is closed with answers already prepared? So it would be a real Chat Bot and not a simple Chat. Thank you. Denis

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You will be missed :frowning:

This is a great suggestion, I’ll make sure to pass it on the team!

Hi Denis,

We have started working on a FAQ bot prodcut.
I can share with you the plans for the feature. Would be great to get your feedback: