💬 You're Invited! Explore New Customization Options in the Wix Chat Widget

Last week we held a MindMeld where the Wix Chat team revealed not one, but two features they’ve been working on. They also revealed one premium Wix Chat feature which will soon be free . If you missed it, you can check for upcoming events (like MindMelds) here.

During this session, the Wix Chat team unveiled exciting new customization features for the Wix Chat Widget. (For the second feature, if you can guess what it is in the comments, I’ll confirm or deny :p)

Now it’s YOUR turn to try out this new feature and add an extra touch of customization to your client’s sites. Before we jump into this exclusive beta, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Feedback ! Don’t be shy - If you have any feedback (or cool chat widget designs) to share, make sure you add your feedback here or comment on this post.

  • This feature is ready to be tested on sites built on the Classic Editor (sorry ADI and Editor X, we love you)

  • These customization options are not (yet) available for member to member chat.

Join here !


We will have access to it only after joining?

Hi Webix.
We are starting the rollout in the upcoming weeks. If you want to get it before everyone else you will need to register to the beta.
After the registration, we will send you an email once your site will be added.


I was an absent caregiver for a long time and am just getting back to WixWorld - amazed to hear and see all these new developments! Wow!!

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Welcome back!

@stevenjose Thank you. It looks like a whole new world after a couple months away!

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Here are some of my thoughts about the new chat beta.

After using the new minimized version which now has no subtitle, I do see the benefit of not having a subtitle. it is cleaner and indeed make the button smaller. Yet at the same time, we lost an important feature which I think should not be eliminated/retired but be optional in the new version of the chat setup.

A better approach would be to add 2 optional sub-lines.

The first one, will be in the minimized version, and a second one when the chat is opened.

This kind of setting will allow us two tier of “encouragements” sub-lines – the first one in the minimized version, encouraging the user to click on the minimized chat button, and a second one in the open chat, encouraging the user to send a message & submit the auto capture form.

In other words, I suggest not only to get the sub-line back to the minimized version as an option, but to actually expand the setting to allow us different sub-lines for each stage (minimized or open chat sub-lines)

I love the new design feature, the sizing options, the slight spacing off the edge of the page for the minimized version – but I do feel we lost an important feature which should be optional rather than retire it altogether.

a second feature I think we should have as an option and we lost in the new design is the little “lightning” icon we used to have in the legacy chat.

This little icon is a beautiful and smart visual encouragement to give the user a feeling of “urgency” and “quickness” of the action taken by the site management in regards to their chat request.

I would suggest to get it back as an option in the settings, and if possible, even expand on it with allowing multiple option of that icon, such as a little “notification bell” and other types of icons as well as the option to “upload your own icon” (maybe even limit it to Ascend paid members only - can also help encourage non paid WIX account holders to jump into the Ascend plan :wink: )

Lastly, allow animated gif to be used in this little icon. A pulsing lightning bolt, a ringing bell icon (similar to Facebook notification icon) etc. that will enhance the chat minimized version (and open version) further with quite subliminal but powerful visual effect.

Again, as with the sub-line - I suggest to allow the animated (or not) icon to be different in the minimized version and the open chat version. We can work magic with such two-step options to the minimized/open chat sub-line and it’s icons.

What do you think?