Mobile device, white reveals on drag down at the top & bottom?

In preview, all works fine. However, when published, even just a simple black background with nothing else. If you drag the page down near the top, it reveals a white at the very top of the page until you release the drag when it snaps back. It does the same on the bottom if you drag it up.
At first, I thought it was something all sites on mobile devices effects. After looking more, only editor x version published sites do this on mobile. Other websites do not, such as BBC player etc.?
iOS devices. I tested it on the iPhone pro-Max 13 iOS Version 15.4

To recreate: - No headers or footer, just a plain black colour, nothing else; you will see the effect on a mobile device when published. Press and hold the screen; drag it down near the top. The white will display.

Can it be stopped, even just changing the revealing white to a colour to minimise it?

If no one knows the reason and has a published mobile site completed could you please check if it does the same effect that way, I will stop looking to solve the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Why has this still not been address? my black themed mobile site looks trash when pulling down to refresh!!!

I got the same issue…those white gaps are really annoying.
Can somebody help with this one?

November 2023. Still not fixed after 2 years!? Are people sticking with Editor X? My footer bounces all over the page depending on the browser!doesn’t seem even possible to have this large an error. Unusable

Hey @Jacob_Reiner!

With Wix Studio, you could potentially use CSS to fix this, although haven’t tested this myself.

This is an old topic, so going to close it for now. If you have any more questions, be sure to open a new topic with all relevant details :raised_hands: