Modifying Dropdown list colors when open

Hey guys, I have a dropdown list on my ‘contact’ webpage (screenshot below) but for some reason I do not have the option to modify the colors and the hover effect when the dropdown list is opened. I can’t tell from where it’s getting the default colors. Even $w.Style doesn’t provide the option to change the colors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

if you have set up the user input form yourself then you can click on any element and change the design:

Click on Customize Design

Click on the arrow next to Regular

Select Hover to change

If you are doing it through Wix Forms App or through User/Contact in the add menu list, then you have a choice of still changing each element as shown above.

Or you can click on the Wix Form Container and edit all the input fields as one:

Simply choose Container Box or Input Fields and then Hover for them.

Thanks for your reply! I have already customized all these colors as you suggested above. The hover effect works fine for my contact forum. However, what I am still unable to customize is the effect when the dropdown list is opened up. When it’s closed I have no issues as all the colors and effects are customizable and match my website theme. But when the dropdown list is opened, I would like to change the background color of the actual list as well as the color of the mouse highlight over (which is light blue at the moment)
Here’s the website link if it helps:


You need to adjust the Focus menu too and not just the Regular and Hover sections, as well as the Error and possibly Disabled sections too.

As for the blue highlight bar that Wix add themselves, then you will have to live with this for now until Wix allow us to change it.

You can change the highlight colour in a menu, however not in dropdown for the time being.

@givemeawhisky Got it…thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hi @arjunchahal , were you able to resolve this issue?

For me, I still don’t see the options for changing the color of the text in the dropdown :frowning:

Hi @arjunchahal , I’m getting the same problem. Were you able to solve this issue? I can’t see the options for changing the color of the text in the dropdown list as well.