More Advanced SEO Options

One drawback I feel Wix does have is limited SEO customization. Although the basic SEO is very good and extremely user-friendly, I think for larger sites looking to post a lot of content and 50+ pages there are some features that are not there. I have made a list of some features which would be good to see in editor X.

1) Multilingual SEO

I haven’t been able to find any option for multilingual SEO when using a multilingual site. Adding this option would allow Wix users to access more territories without having duplicate content. Wix doesn’t support the hreflang tag at the time of writing this post.

2) Robots.txt

Another technical limitation related toSEOis the inability to modify your robots.txt file , which is quite important for larger sites.

3) Site Map

It would be great to add the option to create your own site map. I know Wix currently updates it for you automatically and you can do it yourself but you have to use google search console.

4) Page Loading Speed

On websites I have built on the Wix platform the one main issue I seem to always experience is slow loading speeds. Even if compress Images there is still a delay before they load.

5) Structured Data

I know you can add structured data to the current Wix platform however it is sometimes difficult to do. This seems to be a much easier task to do with Wordpress.

I hope some of these requests help I know it’s not what 90% of your users require but it would be good to have these features enabled even if it was a toggled option. Overall the Wix experience has been great.


Big post here. I’m a huge advocate for SEO development in any sort - all great points.

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Thank you for your feedback on the SEO for Wix.

We will share this feedback with the relevant team.

In regards to the page speed, we are currently working on improvements. We hope to have them live soon.

Please let us know if you have any other SEO suggestions.

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