Multiple Local Pickup Locations?

Hi, I have a store bloomjuiceco .com that I need to add multiple local pickup options. Ideally, the chain of events would go something like this:

  1. Do you want pickup or delivery?

  2. IF PICKUP-> Select one of the stores (2 locations) and what time?

  3. IF DELIVERY->What’s your address?

Does anyone know how to implement this in my store?

See the article Wix Stores: Setting Up Store Pickup as a Delivery Option . For each pickup location, you need to create a region for that pickup location. Once the pickup location’s region is created, then setup the store pickup .

@yisrael-wix The problem with this is that wix doesn’t seem to officially support multiple local pickup locations. I think the only way to get around it is through custom code

i tried to do this but you can only have a country listed once so it is not possible to list multiple regions for United States. (Possibly throws off the USPS auto calculation). Seems like an easy fix just ask how many pickup locations you would like to have in a selected region and customers can pick between the ones that I make. I reached out to the wix suggested developers but once I told them what I was wanting they said they would put a ticket in for me. Havent heard back in a few months.