My partner program dashboard shows 0 point, I have 2 premium upgraded (in 2020) site, it has been more than 20 days and still it shows 0.

Is it going to happen for all the sites I upgrade in the future? Because then no point in upgrading the site. I am very confused as to why is it happening. I have submitted the request also but not getting a reply. I really don’t know where to reach out.

Attaching the SS of the partner dashboard below.

Hi there, have you submitted a support ticket from your Partner Dashboard? If not, I recommend you do so our Marketplace team can have a look.

Hey Steven! Thanks for the reply. I was just curious to know if there’s any possibility of a mistake from my end?

@netcitydigitalsoluti are the active premiums currently in your account or are you a contributor to those sites?

If you’re a contributor to those sites, you have to submit the sites for points.

You can find additional information here .

Additionally, I recommend going over this Blog article as it covers the Partner Program. :slight_smile:

Wix Partner Program: A Partnership Dedicated to Your Success

@stevenjose I’m the owner of the site, still the problem is persisting.

@netcitydigitalsoluti then yes, I recommend submitting a support request from your Partner Dashboard as it could be a technical error on our end.