Wix Partner Program Community FAQ

EDIT: Old, we updated the partner program. You can see the new post here .

We announced it today! Keep in mind this is NOT live yet. We hope to go live next week. You will see this in your Partner Dashboard when we do open it up!

Let me make this extremely clear for everyone. I am seeing a lot of “Where are my points?!”. Just because you have a live site in your account does not mean you can collect the points yet.

You only receive points for live sites at the time of their ACTIVATION or RENEWAL. The formula is NOT current live site X 100 points. What does this mean?

It means if you have 50 premium sites right now in your account and only 10 have renewed so far this year you will only have 1,000 points in your account.
The exact same can be said for manually submitting sites you are a contributor on. Just because you submit a site you are a contributor on does NOT mean you will immediately see those points. You will ONLY receive those points when that site RENEWS or when they initially UPGRADE.

Upgrades and renewals take 14 days after the renewal date to be attributed to your points.

April 24 UPDATE:
Anyone who has submitted a site to a client and gotten a “decline” notice by accident - Don’t worry, the team is aware of this issue and will be back-linking and double checking these. There is nothing you need to do just yet. Don’t worry your clients over it - We will be looking into this.

April 25 UPDATE:
I added a link to both how to manually add your points and how to see the status of the points you added.

Quick Link Resources:
Wix Partner Program Overview: https://support.wix.com/en/wix-partners/wix-partner-accounts
Wix Partner Program Benefits: https://support.wix.com/en/wix-partners/wix-partner-program-benefits


How do I add my sites I am a contributor on manually?

Where do I check the status of my sites in the wix partner program?

Why do I not see all my points in the Wix Partner Program?
You will only receive points for sites as they renew or are upgraded. Check the comment here.

If I built a site 3 years ago but they have remained premium will this count?
If this site is in your account when the site renews you will automatically get points 14 days after the renewal date. The points will contribute to your rank for that calendar year.

Do my bulk purchase plans contribute to my Partner Program rank?
When you use the coupons provided from your bulk purchase they will contribute to your rank.

Do you get removed from the Wix Marketplace if you do not achieve Icon level for the following year?
No. Once you are in the Marketplace you will not be removed unless you fail to meet the standards. You can read more about Marketplace standards here .

Will monthly subscriptions also contribute to my rank?
Yes! Monthly and annual premiums will contribute points to your overall rank.

Does Wix Ascend plans also contribute to my rank?
No. Only site premium plans (Unlimited, business, combo) contribute to your rank.

How do I get credit for being a contributor on another partner’s site?
You can submit any site you are a contributor on inside your Partner Dashboard from the Partner Program tab.

How do I know what rank I am?
You will see your rank in the dashboard home.

Where do I set up my team collaboration?
You will find the collaboration in a “team management” tab in your dashboard.

How do I get my new badge?
You can download your badge from the dashboard home!

I have been a partner for a long time; will I automatically be added to this new program?
You will need to simply click “join now” in your partner dashboard when the program officially opens to be enrolled. :slight_smile:

Will non-profit sites (free) be included in the credits for this program?
Yes; All premium sites contribute to your rank.

Do I have to be a contributor at the time of renewal to get credit?
No. Sites that are already upgraded can still be claimed if you are a contributor. You can submit sites you are a contributor on in your partner dashboard.

How do I send another request to my client if they do not click on the approval when I manually submit a site for points?
You cannot, but the system will send one followup email in 7 days.


Hey - amazing thank you Wix. I just wanted some clarity on the points starting position. So for example, I have 25+ sites in my account either as owned or as a contributor. Will I automatically get 2500 points to start the process with or is it just on any premium sites that are paid this YTD (so a premium account that was paid in May 2019 - Dec 2019 won’t be counted unless renewed this year?)

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It is really amazing program. In this program, how much you work, you ll gain the amount for your work and I am happy to attend this program. Here is the question; HOW ?

All partners are technically eligible, you just need to manually enroll by going to your dashboard (when it goes live) and “join”.


Another question; If an agency is on the marketplace now (without points), will they continue to take place in the marketplace even if they couldn’t get the point ? If yes, what is the difference being in the marketplace as an icon or normal ? Will there be more requests ?

Once you’re in the marketplace, as long as you adhere to the marketplace rules, your will remain in the marketplace :slight_smile:


Plans purchased and renewed in 2020 will accrue points :slight_smile:

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@sheyla thanks for the answer, so let’s say, Agency B is in the marketplace right now but they are not getting Icon badge, they will be in the marketplace if they adhere to the marketplace rules. Can we say this badge will be helpful to the agencies who has no access to marketplace currently.

@olcaybgc are you referring to the actual badge graphic or the status icon? Whether you have icon status or not, if you are already in the marketplace you will remain in the marketplace (even if you don’t get icon status or maintain icon status).


Ok Sheyla thanks again :slight_smile: İ am really excited about this program

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@olcaybgc happy to hear you’re excited!!

Hi Sheyla,
What about premiums accounts that were active till April 2020 since 2 years and canceled on May 2020? My client want to cancel 2 of my premium projects due to Corona crisis and due to various other plan changes. Will it be included in the point system? Thanks.

Ok thanks for the clarification - such a shame though as I have the difference between icon and creator that would renew after this date this year. so if they were considering everything prior to the end of last year ( as I understand the plan will work going forward) I’d be in a good place. guess I’ll have to wait until next year for the icon benefits. not moaning - just wanted to be clear - thanks all

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@sheyla So, Plans purchased before 2020 but renewed in 2020 do not apply for this program?

@brett Can’t wait!

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Hello! Only if the plan was purchased and renewed in 2020 will it accrue points. If you’re referring to premiums purchased or renewed outside of 2020, those will not accrue points.

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@miaow Glad to be of help! :slight_smile:

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If the plan was purchased or renewed in 2020, it will accrue points :slight_smile:

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But those points won’t become valid until next year if not already renewed or purchased? Sorry to keep banging on - just want to be really clear :slight_smile:

Fantastic news! Will monthly subscriptions add points? Or only annual?