New feature alert: Layouter Bricks

Use the Bricks option to customize the dimension of each item in the Layouter, so items will wrap perfectly on any breakpoint.

We are working consistently on improving the Layouter , and in addition to many behavior fixes, you can now use the Bricks display type to customize the width of each item of the Layouter. Using flex technology, the containers automatically adjust to your visitor’s screen size.

To change the Layouter display type:

  1. Click on the Layouter in the Editor.

  2. Click Change Layout .

  3. Select the Display type: Bricks.

  4. Customize your layout based on the selected display type:

  • Item direction : Select the direction of the items in the layouter.

  • Item proportions : Click Equalize to give all layouter items the same size definitions.

  • Horizontal/Vertical margins: Enter a value for the space between the layouter items.

  • Item Alignment : Set the position of your items. New Flex capability for the Layouter.


Wrapping Tags
Adjust the width of each item to fit the content in it with fixed units (px), and create wrapping items.

Responsive Menu
Use the Item Alignment options to customize the position and the way the items wrap on smaller screens.

The Space between and Space around options allows you to control the item’s size and create the spacing between them responsive.

Enjoy and please feel free to share your feedback with us!! :unicorn:


love how you visually explained the effectiveness of new ‘Bricks’ feature. Thanks


Thank you very much very good :dizzy:keep going

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brilliant feature, excellently demonstrated

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It would be great to have the bricks layout available in the native horizontal menu options as well!

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hi i need a call

Best would be to contact the Support team.