New feature alert: Layouter & Repeater Refinements 🎀

Adjust the Layouter and Repeater layout together with its size and position settings - all in one place!
Select the Layouter or the Repeater and customize it under the new ‘Display’ section in the Inspector .

You can also use the new dropdown in GFPP to easily switch display types without opening the Inspector panel

The new refinements also include:

  • New ‘Display’ section in the Inspector for all Flexbox tools (Stack, Layouter, Repeater)

  • New stunning UI for the Layouter & Repeater display settings

  • New GFPP Dropdown - allows you to easily switch display type on stage

  • The Paddings section moved into the Position section (under Margins) + new Paddings “Lock” icon

Enjoy and please share your feedback with us! :rainbow:


Little housekeeping improvements like this are nice.

Any word on adding button/anchor functionality to repeaters/layouters for slideshows, etc.?

Hey Corey, thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
We are working on a new slideshow display type for Layouters - stay tuned! :hugs: