New Feature Alert: Manage Items Panel

Easily manage Layouter and Repeater items by dragging them into the desired order with new controls in the Inspector panel.

The Manage Items panel gives you more control over your flexbox items and allows you to quickly reorder items, duplicate an item add more items, and more.

Now, you can easily view and manage both Layouter and Repeater items. Select the Layouter / Repeater or one of its items and click ‘Manage Items’ at the top of the Inspector panel.

Enjoy and please share your feedback! :unicorn: :blossom:


This is perfect!! Thank you @lironm :nerd_face:

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I like this one

Sweet. Helpful.

Advanced new feature page states - Manage Layouter & Repeater items by dragging them into order and add, duplicate, hide or delete them with controls in the Inspector panel.

I am not able to hide a box. I am assuming this is a typo and was hoping to be able to hide individual boxes

Strange since I have the option to hide here for a layouter. Do you not see it on you end?

If should be expected for a repeater since what you do to one item will happen to other items and thus if you hide one, they’d all be hidden.

Thanks, yes, it seems repeaters don’t have this feature

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No worries. Again, think it should be expected since what happens to one, happens to all.

Thanks, :blush:
And I guess not everyone has that option yet

This is great, thank you!

Is this feature available to all X users? don’t see it in my editor inspection panel yet?

As I know it should be, I have a personal test account for such cases and it is working just fine, here is the example:

Yup. If it’s announced here, it should be available for all.

Hey, the Manage Items panel is available for both Layouters and Repeaters.

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Hey, should be available for all. please let me know if you still can’t find it