New feature alert: Preview dynamic content automatically

You can now instantly preview your dynamic content without the need to click on Preview .

Upon connecting a component to a collection the same way you’ve been doing, ֿֿthen the collection data will automatically be previewed.
Note - when trying to change the source of a connected component, whether it is an Image, Text, Repeater, VideoBox and other, then the opened panel will be “Manage Content” as seen in the screenshot below, allowing to update the collection content or the collection settings.

This feature allows you to see the final content while editing the site so you can work more efficiently.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


@naamar61606 Great feature, Naama. I had noticed the behavior and wondered if something had changed or if I was confused.

Not to sound ungrateful – because I really like this feature – it would be nice if I could toggle that behavior on and off. There are times when it’s distracting. Or maybe toggling is already possible, but I haven’t spotted the toggle mechanism?


I like the toggle on and off feature to be honest, when you want to tweak the design it makes it really awkward and whilst I see the benefits this was introduced in the standard editor a while back and I found it made life more difficult. I preferred to work work with the dummy design data and this made it easier to tweak the design. Otherwise you have to connect and un-connect to tweak the design. The toggle idea is the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

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Great Feature, Thanks Naama Ben-Oliel Ronen!

Perfect we hope to see more features thank you so much Wix Team

I have a lot of dynamic content, and this update is making it slow and painful to edit the website. It would be better if I could toggle this option so that I can only see it how it would look when I need to and not when I don’t.

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I agree. I understand why this new feature could be desirable in certain situations, but for me it has made things more difficult. I would prefer to have the option to switch it off as well.

This feature has a performance impact on the editing experience And I really wish there was a way to turn it off. It’s great to have but once I am done with the section using a repeater, it would be nice to speed things up again by turning it off, so I can work more effectively on the rest of the site.