Works in Preview Mode but not on Live site

I’m working with Wix Code for the first time. I created a collection and have data in both the sandbox and Live versions. I created a simple testimonial section for my site. I added a content box to my page. In the content box I added two text boxes and two images of arrows. I added a dataset to my page and configured it to pull from the collection I created. I connected both text boxes to pull their data from that data set. And I set the functions on both arrows, one is set to previous item, and the other is set to next item. Ideally you would use the arrows to cycle between testimonials. Ideally I’d like to add in a function which cycles through them automatically. But I still need to figure out how to do that. However, that is not the problem at hand. When I use the preview mode, everything works like I expect it to. However after I publish the site and view the page, no content from the collection is being display. I only see my placeholder text from when I was initially placing the text boxes.

You need to make sure that the data is synced to live site and that the collection permissions are set correctly.

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Thank you Tal. It was in fact a permissions issue. The collection defaulted to Read for Admin only, which explains why it worked in preview and not on the live site.

If anyone else comes across this with a similar issue, there is a permissions tab on the sandbox collection page. And if like me, you struggled to figure out how to get back to that, it is listed in the site structure panel.

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I had the same problem - The permission was my solution also.

YESSSS thank you thank you thank you. That worked.

Site “structure” is from the editor click on the content manager, go to the collection where your data resides, hover over the table that holds your data and select the more actions ellipses you will find the permissions there