New feature: Create rich content directly from the Content Manager

You asked, we listened. Today, we’re introducing Rich Content: a whole new world of content and media customization options available in your collections. Now you can work on your site content directly from the Content Manager without limitations on formatting or media types. Plus, you can let collaborators create custom content without having to enter the Editor or interfering with your site design.

What can I do with Rich Content?
Rich Content lets you create dynamic pages with any type of formatted content or media. Here are some of the formatting options available with Rich Content:

  • Bold , Italic , Underline

  • Text background color

  • Images & Videos

  • Links

  • Dividers

  • HTML elements

  • You can also embed Wix Events, Wix Stores and much more.

How do I start?
Add Rich Content to your collection by choosing Rich Content as the field type.
To add Rich Content elements, go to the Editor > Add Panel > Content Manager > Add Content Elements > Rich Content.

You can learn more about all the supported media file types and file sizes here .
Learn more about the Rich Content here .

We hope you’re having as much fun with it as we are.


This feature was fantastic, but if possible, try to add a rich content input soon.


Lovely - wondering how WixData handles it in terms of searching within it. Hoping the API keeps up… what ones contain documents, images, text search, etc. Well done tho! A brilliant start.

I’ve added Rich Text to a page as described above but would like to add it to a repeater, but it doesn’t seem to attach to the container (it is smaller than the container). Is it not possible yet to add to a repeater?

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Yes, you can’t add the Rich content element to a repeater.

Wix please consider this as a #featurerequest so we can keep formatting content even more consistently for clients. Thanks


It would be very good to see an input field for rich contents. To create things like custom blog, forum…

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Can this be used wth Wix Stores dynamic product pages (and then can it be referenced against the currently displayed product to show product-specific rich content?)

Wix Team- will this be opened up to the Wix Stores product database?

Hi Jason,
No, the Wix Products database is read-only at this time.

But when creating a product- why can’t this feature be part of the “Description” and “Additional Info Sections”. The current entry is basic text formatting. Or have the Additional Info Section use this so it can be an option?

@jasonschoepfer I checked in with the team, and there’s currently no ETA for adding Rich Content Editor here, but it is on their backlog.

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@marlowe-shaeffer OK this is great news- it would actually alleviate the rush to have additional Wix Stores dynamic product page designs (from the current ones we have). Might be worth doing this update first. I know it would allow me to place videos and soundcloud elements where I want per product using the existing templates :wink:

@jasonschoepfer Thanks for sharing your feedback. I passed it along to our Stores team.

Hi All,

Apparently I am not allowed to use the Rich Content. In my Editor I do not have the section Elements - Rich Content & the button +

I am so sad.

I think it’s still in beta. It will be rolled out eventually.

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Before, the Rich Text field in Collection worked perfectly. Now, someone in Wix decided to amend it and even now the function Decrease & Increase Indent were removed.
How can we manage a Website with this kind of amendment.

Can someone explain to me?

@domivax I still have it but on my Wix site - so maybe pulled off of X

@jasonschoepfer Hi Jason, Thank you.
I just made a test. Indeed, it is not implemented in Editor X.
Editor X users, we all already know that we are left behind.


And please check if it is possible to make the info section editable through wix-stores-backend.updateProductFields. It is basically the most frequently changed section for a product.