New Forms Features Alert! Field titles, Subscriber double opt-in & Submissions limit

We are excited to announce 3 new features for the Editor X Forms; field titles, subscriber double opt-in & submissions limit

Field titles
Now you can make your forms a lot more accessible to screen readers by adding a title to all your form fields.

Field title can be enabled for the entire form or individual fields.

Subscriber Double Opt-in
Once you enable this option, visitors who want to join your mailing list need to verify their email address via their inbox.

Once they submit their email address, we will send them an email to confirm their consent to subscribe.

You will need to add a “subscriber opt-in” checkbox to use this feature and enable the toggle via the form settings.

Subscriber Limit
Set a number or date limit on form submissions, when the limit is surpassed the form can no longer be submitted and displays a message instead.

We have plenty of other form features in the pipeline, stay tuned for more updates!

We would love to hear your feedback on the forms and these new features down below!


Hi is there an possibility to customize the opt-in email and confirmation page? how is that not editable? People are recieving wix email without any connection to my website or brand.