New Transparent videos collection available for Editor X

It’s time to show off our new Transparent Videos Collection!

We have added dozens to the Wix Media Library and can be added to any Editor X website for free.

Transparent videos let you create beautiful, dynamic effects that make a huge impact on your site. The video background is invisible, allowing you to stack videos and create amazing visuals that jump right off the page. Customize the design, behavior, and colors of your video to suit your needs.

Here’s how to add it to your Editor X site:

If you wanna see the latest additions, you can visit: (this page was built on Editor X, btw)

Hope you enjoy it!


Hey Edu,

May ask I what was the process for uploading transparent videos on Editor X?

I can see that editor x uses mp4 video files with a mask for transparency.

All goodie found it. Mov file did not work for me, Webm seem to do the trick.

Hi I have the same question, does editor x convert the .mov file to the mp4? or do we upload a video like the mp4?

does something like automatically conversion of file type happened to you?

What are transparent videos technically speaking? Are they .png files packaged in a video container? I am curious about their file size, I could not right click and save to find out.

I want to create my own transparent vids in After Effects. here is files type list

and general information on this element: