No Way to Remove Added Product Options

Editor X gives you the option to add a product variants dropdown menu for things like size and color.

I included 3 add-ons that the customer can select from a dropdown menu. However, there’s no way to un-select or un-choose an option.

Further, the dropdown menu doesn’t show the item price, which isn’t very helpful since most will click on an option to see the price, but then won’t be able to unselect it once chosen.

Also, my product is on sale. So each time a variant is selected it reflects a new sales price rather than just adding the cost of the additional item.

Besides refreshing the page, which makes for a terrible UX. Are there any solutions to make this feature useable?


we will forward your query to the Wix Store Team, @buckbowen
what I can offer in this situation is add one new option which would be “none” with 0 price change for example , so your users won’t have to refresh the page to proceed with the purchase