notify customer when product back in stock

hi i have been trying to get this to work all week and don’t seem to be getting anywhere. i have followed the below steps:

i have been able to set up the light box and email verification email successfully however, trigger email for when the item goes back in stock does not work.
Additionally whilst testing, some email addresses can sign up for the notification in the light box and others do not work, im baffled as to why?
Please can someone help


Check out this example:

You can click “Edit now” and then the editor will open and you can save a copy of the back in stock example in your account.

Good luck!

Hi, Can you please share the link to the site?



Hi Asaf, thank you for sharing! Is there a way the code can be changed to not look at existing contacts? As i think this might be where it’s going wrong for me.

Hi Asaf, would you mind to tell me if this example can work for product varianttions, when a product has more than one colore ans size. I have tried an other code in the past but unfortunately it works only for single product and not for variants.

Thanks in advance

Here is the example for site member: