Please help - Notify me when back in stock button.

I am not a coder and have successfully followed these Velo directions to add a “notify me” button onto my wix store site.

My question is - can I insert code to also trigger that a copy be sent to ME - so I know what products people are looking for and waiting for notification on? (So I know what products to focus on making more of…)

I have looked through the triggered emails section, and marketing tabs, but I can only see that an email has been sent, and to whom, but not which product they signed up for. (So far I have only tested this and hopefully real customers haven’t yet used it.)

Any help will be appreciated - I have signed up to “hire a developer,” however nobody wants to take on a job this small so I’m stuck.


Also - As a customer, this lightbox signup box feature seems to work correctly when I’m using Firefox, but not Chrome or Safari. The lightbox fails to open completely. Any advise on if I can fix this?


Can you post your browser console log?(on the browser that does not show light box)

You can also insert code to add extra step. We are happy to help you with if you couldn’t find anyone from the Wix Marketplace :slight_smile:

I get this error after creating the lightbox in the tutorial