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Suggestions on how to develop and implement an online waiver for a sports camp within wix? I have a couple of waivers, just not sure how to put them on the site. I saw back in Oct 2019 a suggestion to simply have a sign up form with a checkbox that they have to tick to say that they have read and accept the waiver before they can progress on any further. I’m wondering if it’s possible to embed the form to receive a signature? If not than how could I upload the waivers into a form for folks to read? Thanks

Hi! Could you please explain more so I can help you?

I have a couple of waivers (field use, COVID-19, assumption of risk etc.) that parents need to sign for their kids to participate in a sport camp. Is there a way to upload those forms into WIX for parents to sign in advance of the camp?

Hello Mel,

What about a kind like what you can find in this example …

Yes, it is not a signature and I do not know whether this solution would be sufficient in your case.

But it’s like any site page where you have to accept the rules and read the terms before you can continue!

Just an idea.

How do I load it into your form?
Well, there are several ways you can do that.
You can simply copy the text of your waiver and paste it into a text box.
Then hide this text box and simply display it if necessary.

If you have many disclaimers, you can save them in a separate database and load them from this database.

And yes, you can also create a download area on your website where users can download these documents and then do what they want.

This also could interest you. Just found it right now in another post. .

Additional-Info here…

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