Online Store

I decided to change templates on my store design. All went well until I started adding products which are jewelry designs. As I had 5 different product pages for different designs I added each item into its own collection (under name I’d given each page). Much to my horror I found that every picture is now appearing on every page despite what collection it is in. I have racked my brain and all the notes under help to find out how to stop that. I put them each as a “store page” so was that wrong? Without that the pictures in collections never appeared on my pages. I am so confused and ready to quit. I had a store before and it was not this hard. HELP!

12 people looked here and no one has anything to say? Can you at least tell me who in WIX to contact? I have had a website here functioning and now something has changed and when I worked on it all my product pages emptied the products as I was working just changing background pictures. The new site I tried to create shows all products on same page even though I have collections. Can no one give me any idea what to so???

Hello Charlene, can you paste the code your using? just to have a better understanding of what is going on.

@zephyrmorning What web site are you having problems with Charlene?