Open Graph tags on individual blog posts

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I’ve selected AddThis for social share buttons but annoyingly, when i tested the facebook link, it pulls through random images, urls and descriptions from elsewhere on the website.

I know we need to add meta tags for Open Graph elements and every tutorial i find tells me to click on the “show more” button on the “menus / pages” option from the left toolbar. However, clicking on the “post” page option of the blog doesnt have the option for advanced SEO.

Has someone had this issue before and resolved it? I’m only looking for the share icons to be on the blog posts and for people to be able to share individual blog posts.

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The following codes are not accepted, as Wix automatically generates these tags for you. It is not possible to add a duplicate tag:
Title and description
Google Analytics
Open Graph: og:title, og:type, og.url
. Robots.txt

Remember that the blog is still a Wix app.

You can do it on the Blog page itself, however for the post page you have to do it differently…

By default, the SEO title is the same as your post title and the SEO description is the first lines of your post.
You can customize the SEO title, description and URL for every individual blog post.

To do that, go to your Post Editor > Post Settings > SEO .

Why not just use Wix share options?

yeah, i alter the SEO categories every blog post but it doesnt seem to make a difference. If you click on the facebook share on the AddThis buttons (or even pinterest, as tested earlier) it just pulls through random images and descriptions from elsewhere on the website, rather than that specific post.