Google & Facebook Crawl Issues

Is anyone having trouble with Facebook debugger and google search console only using your home page title and description for blog posts and dynamic pages? They were all okay but now they don’t seem to want to get the correct information and say that it is missing.

Notice how they all have the same description (home page description) and some are showing the home page title as well.

Even Facebook isn’t showing the correct information after days of re-scraping. So frustrating!

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Hey Patrick! Do you know if this is happening with non Wix urls? It might be a debugger issue.

Let me know. :slight_smile:

After testing other Wix sites, it only seems to be happening on the one site - Guess I’ll have to open up a support ticket :confused:

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Same problem!!!

When I want to share a blog post on Facebook always comes the same SEO page!!!
Same problem by Events!

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Still can’t get the Facebook debugger to display anything other than the url and the home page description :confused:

This is very odd! So it only seems to happen with specific sites?

Update - blog posts that have been recently submitted or re-indexed are now showing their titles on google as

Post | Raising Our Tribe | Parenting Blog

Instead of the actual given title in post setting. Which is “name of post” | Raising Our Tribe

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And also the blog descriptions are the home page descriptions.

And when i look on search console, google is declaring a completely different blog post as the canonical. They all have the same one which is a completely different post.

Patrick, thank you for sharing this information! I will be reaching out to a team member and see what may be happening here. Can you please message me with the name of the site where you’re experiencing this issue?


Hey. I have the same problem. The sites address is


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Any news or updates? :tired_face:

Good day Marcel, not yet! But I will keep you posted once I do. Still being looked into.

@patrick @marcel , did you guys open up support tickets for these issues? If so, can you please message me directly with the ticket link or number? Thanks!

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Hey. The number is 859089931. thanks :hugs:

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Hello everyone, removing the Wix Shared Gallery App will help resolve this problem.

If you’ve removed it, but are still experiencing this issue, contact support and let them know so they can further assist you.