Urgent Wix Blog - Social Share Issue

There is an issue with the Wix Blog, it is not pulling the Social Share Title, Description or Image for Wix Blog posts.

I called support, and quite frankly they had absolutely no clue what the issue was and were asking me to clear my cache and cookies lol - (despite me explaining that the og title and og description and og image is missing from the blog, hence why Facebook isn’t picking this up).

I have tried the Facebook Debugger tool for 3 hours now. As a breaking news website, with 60,000 followers, we need this issue fixed to share news to our Facebook.

I also explain that other partners have told me they have had the same issue, and that i have done this from my phone AND my laptop, and they still wanted me to clear cache and cookies. I don’t really have time for that, i just need this to reach the Blog Team (who will know exactly what the issue is as it’s happened before).

I know that this is not a support channel, but if this can somehow get to the blog team, that’d be great. Because support didn’t help or understand the issue.

Thanks guys <3


Hi Robert! I’ll be sure to pass this on to the right team. Thank you!

Would you believe such a critical issue to the blog system is still not fixed? Not good :frowning:

It’s super important for us to fix as well, and the blog team is actively investigating. Once they have a resolution, you’ll be the first to know. :blush: