Page navigation never starts at the top of the page

Hi! So I have a general issue where I am running a very linear site, meaning you always want to start at the top of new pages and scroll down. Especially for the pages that will have chapters in them for reading.

However, it seems that Wix naturally saves where you are on the previous page and starts you there on the next page.

What I have been trying to achieve through code and endless search with no success, is that whenever I click a button for navigation, it starts the page at the very stop.
I don’t see a setting of this on the Editor at all and haven’t seen any topics related to this.

Hope anyone can assist.

Can check link here and scroll down to the “next chapter” button to see what I mean

I am sure there were already a lot of posts about this, or similar problems…

  1. Scroll Revealing "Back to the Top" Button - #4 by joshuasevans5
  2. scrollTo - #28 by bablifarm
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Some of these maybe useful for you.

Hi! I checked all of them, and it seems that only Bablifarm’s issue is completely relevant to mine. And I can see you answered there as well.

Unfortunately, I tried duplicating the site, and it worked in the preview to start the page at the top of the next dynamic page. But as soon as it was live, it stopped working.

Then may be this one… try it…

Thank you so much for your help. But unfortunately, that’s not the issue.

To show you: Screen capture - 2a6751c0eae47b0a0208a2ad87535a89 - Gyazo
In this gif it shows that the page stays at the bottom. The starting position is the same as the thread you linked, but for him, it animated to the top, for me it stays there.

Further on the new Wix Studio
I got no transitions set.

It will surely depend, on which EDITOR you are using.

  1. Wix-Editor
  2. Editor-X
  3. Wix-Studio
    …maybe in future we will have even more of editors
  4. Wix-Editor-Cosmo
  5. or Wix-Ultimate or what ever…

So which one are you using?

I selected Wix Studio in tags, as that is the one I am using. :slight_smile: