Remove bottom to top scroll when opening new page

Hi! I am new to Wix and have encountered what seems to be a bug that I can’t get around. When I use a button on one page to link to and open a new page in that same Wix website, the default view on load for the new page is a bottom to top scroll before arriving at the top of the page. What is very curious about this bug is that it is relative to where the button is placed on the page you are navigating from.

Example 1: The page you are currently on (page 1) is longer than the page you are linking to (page 2). The button you are using is at the bottom of page 1. When you select the button, page 2 will open at the footer and scroll all the way up the page before stopping at the header (top of page).

Example 2: You have the same two pages, button the button is located in a nav bar at the top of page 1. Page 2 will open at the top of the page.

My goal: remove the scroll and have all pages open at the top of the page regardless of where the linked button is located on page 1.

I have attached a screen recording to demonstrate the issue.


I have the same issue. Please advise if you find a fix.

The page transitions work, but the link still opens the page at the bottom, and then jumps up to the top… :woozy_face:

Yes im getting the same. even added some anchors and linked to these instead but still opens the page in the same position of where you original link is then is scrolls to the top of the page? any update on a fix for this?

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Have you set the page transition to “None”?

Whether transitions are none or other, it does the same thing… Not on the mobile version, Just the desktop…

Also tried the anchors… doesn’t work.

It sounds like a matter for Wix Support:

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Thanks JD. Will set up a ticket.

Resolved! If anyone has the same issue, I can help :+1:t3:

You can post the solution here if you want, so everybody will be able to solve this issue, due to your helping thread/post.

Initially, whether I had page transitions or not, some pages just opened at the bottom and flicked up, anchor or not. Page transition or not. Roberto had a look at my particular site, and managed to iron this out - don’t know how… but here’s what worked after he had a look…

“When transitioning from one page to another through a link it is loading from the bottom and then scrolling upward, this is part of the page transition animation.
To remove this effect, access the Site Menu tab in your editor and select Page transitions. Click on None to remove the effect.”

Cannot tell you why it worked this time, but all issues resolved across the site!"


Ok, like i could read in several posts, this technique did not function before.
Perhaps it is RESOLVED right now.


Very good feedback! I have been trying to solve this for a long time with various code examples. No need for code! Simply change page transitions to ‘None’!

Such a simple solution, perhaps I over thought the problem.

Thank you so much!


THANKYOU!! i’ve been trying to figure this out for days now for my portfolio website. Kudos!


Brilliant. Thank you for this resolution. I have been trying to cure it for ages. Regards M


Tarryn Hanekom thank you so much, simple and amazing solution!


Glad to help! Incredibly frustrating and time consuming trying to resolve it, so happy to pay it forward.

nope not resolved, I’m having the same issue on every page of my website.

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