Partner Round Table: Introducing Branded App by Wix

@noahlovell My discussion is based on the functionality of Spaces. Branded App looks to me like Spaces with site owners branding. It would be easier for the site members to get that app bcs once it is installed, they will not search app named Spaces, a name that is not associated with the company’s brand.

I am not aware of future developments and I cannot comment on them. Still I didn’t expected that introductory price tags for Branded App.

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I was pretty excited about this until I saw the price now disappointed. This is too high a price for small one location businesses. Plenty of other app builders from $29+

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Those features I believe will be built next for the branded app. Let’s ask the team this week on the round table.


The real question is - When’s the Partner App getting released?


Will there be automation integrated with the app?

& does this mean we can now use URIs?

What do you mean exactly? What kind of automations? You can use site automations and that will be part of your app.

Understood. It is definitely on the roadmap!

Waiting on social logins. Then I’m publishing. :slight_smile:


Ooooooo yeh

I need to know from the tech team what steps would be best on our end to complete this transfer:

Should we remove and delete the current app on the market (iOS & Android) in the clients developer account that we created BEFORE we create the name and application on Wix?

Sorry I disagree completely, have you heard of appypie, goodbarber etc etc this is way to expensive for small businesses, really disappointed with this launch.

Hi @brett how does one of my clients take advantage of the $100 per month lifetime discount? What is the expected time to install and design the App for a customer? When will there be a sales deck of some kind as I have a hot lead interested and asking for more information.

It’s a special offering now. It will be 50% off for life. So you would need to purchase the branded app while this offer lasts to get the benefit. :slight_smile:

@chris80793 So, I understand where you are coming from, and while yes they are cheaper, they don’t provide the ease that the Wix branded app does. This is integrated with your dashboard, and is so much easier to use.

Hi. I have been check your app and think that your price too high. It would be convenience if you could move to about 29usd/ month.

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If you think it is too high, then you need to sit down and look at your actual needs.

If a business actually NEEDS and app, then they can afford the app, but if they just want an app to show, then that’s just for novelty factor.

The pricing is appropriate for the integration you get with WIX, plus the fact that there will be upcoming features

@noahlovell not really and doesn’t justify the huge difference in price, really surprised by this.

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At the end of the day, if you have another solution that is equally as easy to use, then that’s fine. But, they’re constantly working on new features and this is a new product, more features will come.

If your business actually NEEDS and branded app then you can afford it, otherwise your just using it for the novelty.

@chris80793 appypie is junk, their app templates are junk and they have no community support. We took a restaurant off that platform 3 years ago. They are currently paying $168USD +/- per month for hosting with AWS plus our maintain cost per month. We are moving them here to cut their monthly expensive and integrate with their Wix restaurant. We will also profit more with our maintenance plan as services are all synced. Those other platforms are okay if they have nothing else. Believe me when I say - there is a shit ton of money on the table here.