Pin an ad

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m desperatly trying to pin a small ad to the bottom of my mobile screen. Cannot understand why this feature is so impossible!
I was advised by two different wix experts to use a light box - but it prevents the screen from scrolling, while I want the ad to run on all page, all the time, and still be able to use the mobile site regularly.

Is there a solution woth code for this issue?
Enclosed a screenshot of a news-website that uses this feature, and my site where it is currently on ligth box and won’t scroll…

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Hi, Marva!

I think you can try to just pin it to screen.
Check out this article:

You would be better suited going through Wix Support about this issue as it is not a code issue:

you can not edit CSS properties using Wix Code since you do not have an access to it currently.