PLEASE HELP: I am trying to Create Dynamic Forms

I will try to make this quick and easy to understand:

I created a collection of dynamic pages that are called “resources”. All of them need to have a form that needs to be dynamic in order to lead customers to the right place.

For Example : One of the pages is my eBook. Once you fill out the form, you should be able to go to the eBook’s unique download page.

But, since you can’t make forms dynamic without coding, I can’t connect the same “resource collection” to hold dynamic links so that each form on each page will lead you to different resources…

Is this possible?

I am not a programmer and would love to hear what you think.

If you want to see my live site as an example of this, please go to:

All of the resources you see there will need to have a unique form “submit result”.

The question is not clear enough.
I didn’t understand where you put the form and what should be the difference between the form instances.

The form is on the dynamic page collection called “resources”. Each page on that dynamic collection needs to have its own form with unique results that come after the form is filled out. For example: if the resource page is my eBook, then the person who fills out the form should be getting an ebook. If the resource page is a PSD Mockup, the person should be getting a mockup file once the form is submitted, etc.

@kristianf200144 So add to the final page path to this collection entries, and you can use them on the page, but you’ll need some code.
Something like:

import wixLocation from 'wix-location';
$w.onReady(() => {
$w('#dynamicDataset1').onReady(() => {
const finalPagePath = $w('#dynamicDataset1').getCurrentItem().finalPagePath;//use the field key you set in the collection (the field key always stars with a lower case letter)
$w('#dynamicDataset1').onAfterSave(() => {'/' + finalPagePath);


If you store the path without the “/”:'/'+ finalPagePath);

If you store it with the “/”;

@jonatandor35 Well the thing is… I am trying to connect everything to my content collection. I would rather have my Submit Button do the 2 actions (submit the info the user entered in the form to the “Contact” collection (Form Submissions Collection) and after that take them to a dynamic URL i entered in my “Resource” content collection on a different website that hosts the files (Like MEGA for example)

@kristianf200144 It doesn’t matter. the; can lead to an external page.

Got it. I’m know nothing about programming so I am looking to have everything connected to the content collection. What would be the best way to learn this? I obviously can’t just copy and paste the code you wrote and expect it to work…