Pro Gallery Glitch - It'll keep expanding horizontally on mobile when item vertical "spacing" is set to more than zero. #bugreport

Here is a weird glitch on Pro Gallery - If you choose your gallery layout to be “stripe” and add “spacing” in “customize layout” options. Your gallery will continue to expand when viewed on mobile. This is replicated on iOS 15 in both the default Safari and Chrome browser. The oddest thing is - as soon as you set the “spacing” back to “0”, this glitch disappeared.

I’ve recorded a video to show the glitch here:

And feel free to test below link:

Please fix thanks.

@penn we are sorry that you are experiencing this, please accept our apologies
I will create a support ticket on your behalf, so our experts will take a closer look at the issue. Once there will be any updates, you will receive a reply via email