Problem with dynamic page SEO titles (possible bug?)

Hi everybody,

I’m running into an issue that I think is basically what is described in this closed thread, or at least a similar issue:

I have a client site that is using dynamic pages to display products from a database collection. I’m only using dynamic pages for the item detail pages, not the list pages. In the SEO settings for the dynamic pages, I am using a field from my database called {SEO Title} in the title setting field (screenshot: ).

The page title seems to show up fine if I go to a product category page and click on a product to go to that product’s detail page (Example: go to and click on a product. Screenshot showing title in browser tab: ).

However, if I were to copy the url of that same detail page (example: and just paste it into a browser tab and go to it directly, the product title doesn’t show up in the tab. If I open my developer console and look for the title tag, it’s there, but it only says “| US LED, Ltd”, instead of the product’s SEO title from the database , “TurboEVC 120kW DC Fast EV Charger | EV Charging Stations”. (screenshot:

For what it’s worth, the product’s page title will also go away if I hit refresh after landing on it from the category page. So the title really only loads/display correctly in exactly one (1) instance.

And finally, it looks like the SEO titles aren’t getting indexed properly in Google. If I google “US LED EV chargers”, this is what I get: Notice that the very first result is a product in the EV Charger category (specifically:,,) but the SEO title doesn’t show up, and when I click the link to that product from the search results, it just shows “| US LED, Ltd.” as the title instead of the proper SEO title for that product.

What is causing this problem, and is there something I need to change in order to fix it? In the thread I linked above, the problem seemed to have something to do with using {Title} in the title field, but I’m using a different field.