Problems with Editor X

I’m having quite a lot of problems with Editor X;

  • I can’t seem to update my Site Masters, I can change the values in the inspector, but nothing updates. Sometimes a little box pops up saying “optimizing Editor X”. After 2 seconds it disappears but nothing changed.

  • Same goes for adding a new site master, most inspector settings don’t want to update. “don’t display” function does nothing, while I can set elements inside the site master to “don’t display” on certain breakpoints.

  • There is a really annoying whitespace at the end of the page offsetting everything including the editor itself. It’s only there when developer mode is enabled. During an edit session it random changes size as well.

  • Lightboxes that are larger than the viewport height are pure horror to work with, dragging and dropping elements go everywhere but where you want them to be… Setting the lightbox to scroll doesn’t help at all.

  • Adding and connecting a dynamic list dataset to a repeater doesn’t work. I can’t edit the settings of the dataset nor connect it to the repeater

  • Live site on Safari, besides being way, way slower than on Chrome, the scrollTo animation happens in breaks and glitches and makes the site a real pain to work with.

I’ve tried clearing my browser data, using incognito mode, different browsers, restarting the browser, clearing cache files, … doesn’t make a difference.

Is there anything that I can try? I didn’t know if it were some problems with the editor, but just in case wanted to let u guys know. I just want to get back to editing as soon as possible, because up until these problems, it has been a terrific experience.


Is this just with one site? Try duplicating the site as a whole. I have done this to complex sites a few times with success. Sometimes a digital wrench falls into the system and messes up the code on a site. Duplicating it forces Wix re-structure everything as it should be.

Another thing to do is go back in Site Versions to point BEFORE your problems started occurring.

I haven’t had to do this in over a year, but maybe it will work.

Editor X has been a massive headache. I really don’t think it was ready for launch and I won’t be using it again until things get sorted out.

@hi82535 Agree 100%. I’m writing an open letter exactly about this.

It’s literally a disaster. EditorX might be ready to build a portfolio for photographers, but not to build on business on it. And for a portfolio it is way to expensive and too limited.

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we are sorry that you are experiencing this issue with Editor X
I can see that iamteejay shared with you some tips, which may assist you, but in case there is a number of issues that you need assistance with, the best option would be to create a support ticket to proceed with the investigation. So I would like to ask you to share your live site link, so we will create a ticket on your behalf or you can contact Editor X support here

@kuklick great write up.

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