Problems with Lightbox

Anyone else having issues with Lightboxes on their website? I want an automatically triggering Lightbox after 20 seconds, but the Lightbox isn’t appearing. In the Lightbox settings, it’s set to display automatically, on any of the pages, with a 20 second delay.

I am having issues with lightboxes as well. As soon as i try to resize or move the lightbox, it disappears from the editor window making it impossible to edit and change settings. Not sure if this is a bug.


Thank you guys for reporting the issues with Lightboxes.
Can you share your url? It will help us investigate.

Thank you in advance.

Still not working. Thank you!

I resolved my first issue using the light box, however I’ve come across another issue now that I have several built.

I’m using a lightbox for the main navigation. It works well until you open it on mobile and I cannot scroll down on the lightbox to see the rest of the menu options (the bg behind the lightbox seems to scroll instead).

The same issue occurs here
I am using light boxes to show team bios. But as soon as the screen size becomes too small, I cannot scroll down to see the rest of the content.

Please take a look. I would appreciate any fixes or work-arounds.


Hi I a having problems with my lightbox. When I try to make it responsive it completely doesn’t respond on other break points. When I try to resize it on smaller breakpoints it glitches and doesn’t respond properly. It is frustrating and making my workflow 5x as long trying to spend hours fixing the responsiveness when the editor doesn’t even respond.

I have some sudden problems with lightboxes. It worked fine before, but they suddenly won’t show after selecting the trigger. Actually the do, but they are invisible.

I select None in animation instead of Fade-in and the problem went away. Although it’s not what I want, it helped. It took me hours te find out what the problem was.

In editor x Can we add multiple lightbox in one page

Still happening, can’t resize the lightbox in wix studio without it disappearing