Quickbooks Integration

Any chances of getting some kind of integration into quickbooks so we don’t have to manually enter each web transaction into quickbooks?


Hi Angela,
I’m not sure of your exact needs, but you should look into using zapier.com which can easily be called from Wix Code and has a Quickbooks connector - QuickBooks Online - Integration Help, Tutorials & Support | Zapier
It would require a tiny bit of JavaScript but would likely be well worth the effort.

well thank you very much! We will look into that for sure!

Hi Angela,
How did it go with the zapier option?
Currently i’m manually importing everything into QB and its not pretty!!!
My main issue is that i’m using Wix invoices for my customers ( they look better in my opinion) and i haven’t found a way to import them into QB.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Well, it requires some javascripting. I don’t know that and when I contacted my web guy about it, he never responded, and then I just did not follow up with him. So, sorry to say I have not been able to test it yet.

Yeah, it’s seems a little hard to digest that Wix has not deployed QB integration. I guess that there’s are not enough of us pushing for it?

I want to see Zapier supported by Wix natively, as a standard offering vs. the current Wix answer of developing Wix API code.