Does anyone use WIX stores with Quickbooks online?

I’m in the process of upgrading our website using editor x. We currently have a point of sale service for our retail stores, but it’s an old clunky program thats mediocre at best. We were considering making the switch to the WIX store, and use QBO as our in-store point of sale.

While we do some online sales, the bulk of our needs would be for an in-store POS. I like this option as we can integrate the customer data (hopefully) with other aspects of our site.

I was wondering if anyone has use this combo firsthand and can offer me any feedback.

Thanks, Tony

Yes I would also like to know this. I currently use a woocommerce store with my old website. After an order is processed on the website a Zapier webhook parses the order directly into QBO which then creates a new customer and a new sales order. So is it possible to make a webstore with Editor X that connects to QBO and to automatically generate QBO entries?